We help marketers achieve 35%
reply rates on cold emails

Make the switch from mass marketing
to highly personalized marketing

How does LeadStage work?

1. Collect

Gather the leads you want to enhance into a campaign or group in your sales CRM or marketing system.

2. Export

Export this list as a CSV, XLS, XLSX file.

3. Enhance

Upload this list to LeadStage and it will be appended with hundreds of datapoints such as the technology they use, their location, vertical, size and more.

4. Segment and Score

Now you can use the enhanced data points to further segment the list and score each lead with a very high degree of accuracy.

5. Import

Import your segmented and scored leads back into your sales and marketing system along with the enhanced datapoints.

6. Launch

Launch your highly targeted and relevant sales and marketing campaigns.

Granular personalization is essential to the sales process.

Using the same messaging and sales process for every lead no longer works. Potential customers require a highly relevant and targeted pitch that can only be achieved by leveraging enhanced company data from LeadStage.

Executive Summary

Your customers are unique so why are you sending all of them the same email?

Leadstage helps you take a static list of leads and append hundreds of datapoints so your can perform highly targeted messaging.

Understanding the vertical a company is in, their current and historical technology use, location and other key datapoints allows you to craft very direct messages that stand out from the dozens of cold pitches they get each day.

Go live in hours not months

LeadStage requires no complex integration or engagement with your development team. Simply export your leads, enhance them, and import them back into your system.

Scale and protect your revenue instantly

Our customers see an instant lift in all the good metrics like response rates, trial signups, trial-to-paid, and even churn reduction. Being able to identify and segment a multi-location restaurant that uses advanced marketing analytics tools from a veterinarian with a basic web presence is simple with LeadStage.

What do our customers say?

LeadStage powers the sales and marketing activities for hundreds of companies.

In 6 months we managed to win over 1,000 customers and $2.4million ARR from our second largest competitor. 13% of our LDR calls resulted in a meeting and of those 40% were qualified as a perfect opportunity. This is from a pure cold calling campaign which is unprecedented for us.

CEO @ Top 5 eCommerce Provider

In 2014 we did a complete overhaul of our sales and marketing system and workflow. Previously we were unable to accurately segment our inbound warm trials and outbound cold leads into relevant nurture campaigns. We started cycling every list of leads through LeadStage which enabled us to create hundreds of nurture tracks that has boosted our conversions significantly.

General Manager @ Top 2 Local Marketing Company

We have a very specific customer profile so identifying good leads early in the process is of huge importance to us. LeadStage helped us filter out leads that had no physical store and then even further segment those into single and multi-location retailers by vertical.

VP of Marketing Top 5 SaaS POS System Provider

Can I Try It?

We provide a low cost pilot so you can test the impact that personalized marketing will have compared to your current process. No software integration is required and you can be up and running in hours.